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Home-Based Assessment

Before parents decide what courses/programs to send their children to, it would be important for them to know their strengths and weaknesses with regards to learning and performance.



How a student gained
confidence and 
positive learning attitude.
Your Child can achieve long term results with us too!

Leaves Falling

Clara is the 2nd child in the family. Before Clara enrolled into Able Lab, she was shy to express her thoughts and lack of confidence in herself. She has negative thoughts that she will not be able to do well.


After the training, I can see great improvement in her behavior and attitude in handling issues and doing her school work. She does not procrastinate in doing her homework especially in her 2 weakest subjects: Mathematics and Chinese. The speed and attention span in her work have also improved. She is more willing to express herself in class.


By end of 2013, Clara was nominated with good leadership award for performing her duty as a class monitress. This year (2014), she has been recommended by her teacher to take up the duty as a school prefect.


With the increase in her confidence, Clara is able to perform the tasks assigned by her teachers well and be more focused in her school work and she sets her own targets to achieve.


We greatly appreciate the patience and guidance given by her coach who inspired her to have positive thinking: “Never Give Up” that helps her gain confidence.


Thank you


Mother of Clara Lee

Alexa Young, CA

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