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How a student gained

confidence and 

positive learning attitude

And how Your Child can achieve the same result with us too!

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Dear Parents


The A.B.L.E. Programme is designed to balance and enhance the child’s learning development based on the 4 critical factors affecting his/her learning: 

Ability, Behaviour,Learning (Technique/Style) and Emotion.


The Programme is divided into the above 4 segments and each segment comprises of trainings, activities, challenges, reflections and therapies.

  • For children aged 6-16

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Max.: 24 sessions

  • Duration: 90 mins per session

What does each segment

aims to achieve?


  1. Train and enhance memory, attention span and processing speed muscles in the brain.

  2. Increase cognitive (mental) age to match chronological age or above.

  3. Balance both left and right brain with problem-solving and creativity activities.


  1. Set learning goals.

  2. Magnify good behaviours and improve poor ones.

  3. Enhance parent-child’s relationship by balancing between love and discipline.

Learning Technique

  1. Select and impart appropriate techniques to accelerate learning of various academic subjects.

  2. Select and impart appropriate techniques to ease and reduce time spent on learning, therefore reducing stress level.


  1. Acquire emotional management technique and E.Q skills.

  2. Self-motivation.

  3. Enhance self-esteem and confidence.

Stop searching for long-term solutions for

a short-term problem. This shall be your child’s short-term solution

for a long-term problem!

What you will get


Upon completion of our A.B.L.E Programme, expected outcomes are as follows:


  1. Brain muscles been strengthened, therefore enhancing all critical learning abilities required to perform in academic learning such as school, tuition, self-revision, etc.

  2. Poor behaviours been improved, therefore having a more self-directed and independent learning child. This can also result in a stronger parent-child relationship.

  3. Suitable learning techniques been imparted to child for immediate application, therefore reducing stress and increasing ease and speed in learning.

  4. Self-esteem been enhanced or maintained, therefore becoming a more positive and happy child.

  5. Ultimately, A.B.L.E results in more optimised learning, therefore positively influencing the child’s preparation for academic tests and examinations.



*Parents may wish to note that every child is unique and improve differently from one another.

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