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Versatile and experienced 

  • Having trouble motivating your sales reps to excel?

  • Do you have inconsistent sales results from different sales reps?

  • Having complex sales processes in your organisation and confusing your sales reps?

Our trainers come with a wealth of experience. Trust EnableSF to deliver and enable your sales team.


Why us?

 1st-hour Diagnosis 

EnableSF’s trainer is adept at identifying the crux of the problem, be it sales processes or people, within the 1st hour of consultation. Have peace of mind when you engage us to review your processes, methods and people. Download our free ebook today to find out for yourself the EnableSF’s SPARK model.


Journeying with you to success 

EnableSF’s unique sales enablement program are 3-months, 6-months, 12-months program, instead of the usual 1-2 days training. Our trainer will coach your team to sales success, and build the solid foundation that your team can rely on to scale greater heights. Beyond the workshop, EnableSF’s trainer continues to sit in your team's meetings and presentations so that skills imparted are successfully applied.

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Sales enablement vs sales training 

When you engage EnableSF, you can be sure that you are engaging a sales enabler. EnableSF does not simply teach your team to sell. Instead, EnableSF strategizes, fix problems, deliver quantifiable results and make difficult decisions on behalf of you, all to build a happier sales team and increase sales revenue. Book a no-obligation consultation with our trainer below now.


Our Programmes


Key stakeholders



Sales DNA

3 months

Sales Reps

  • Assess and compare the DNA of your top and lowest performing sales reps

  • Provide detailed plan of enablement actions your organisation can embark on

  • Identify Critical Success Factors of sales

  • Observe and assess top sales reps via joint calls

  • Observe and assess bottom sales reps via joint calls

  • Produce a best practice DNA report based on SPARK

Sales Funnel Approach

6 months

Sales Managers
Sales Reps

  • Measure and analyze the stage conversion in your organization's sales funnel
    Identify gaps and weaknesses and prioritize them in order of importance and urgency
    Devise an enablement blueprint to bridge the gaps and improve the weaknesses.

  • Identify Critical Success Factors of sales

  • Observe and assess top sales reps via joint calls

  • Observe and assess bottom sales reps via joint calls

  • Produce a best practice DNA report based on SPARK

360 Enablement

12 months


Sales Directors

Sales Reps

  • Execute a holistic sales enablement approach that creates massive impact in your sales organization

  • All stakeholders including CEO and Sales Directors are involved throughout the 6-month journey.

  • Aim to improve and align vision, mindsets, processes and roles and responsibilities in the entire sales organization.

  • Sales DNA reporting on sales reps' competence

  • Sales Funnel Optimization by analyzing and optimizing sales activities based on Strategy, Frequency and Execution (SFE Factors)

  • Conduct Train-the-Trainer for Sales Managers to become coaches

  • Execute 5 enablement projects based on SPARK Model:

  • Selling skill enhancement

  • Sales process optimization

  • Sales resource building/upgrading

  • Product/domain/field knowledge acquisition and optimization (working closely with your Subject Matter Expert)

Feeling unsure?

Book a one-hour consultation to know more about our programmes and which is the most suited for you.


Charmain Tan
Founder and CEO of QuickDesk

Charmain Tan, Founder and CEO of QuickDesk

Charmain Tan is the Founder and CEO of QuickDesk Pte Ltd which provides one-stop digital sales and marketing solutions — as well as training — for SMEs and business professionals. She made Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list for Enterprise Technology in 2019, and Singapore’s inaugural top 100 Women in Tech List in 2020.

QuickDesk uses the blend of technology and education to transform traditional sales teams to digital sales teams while allowing them to be more effective in sales by automating communications that are repetitive. She then tap on the learnings of developing and growing QuickDesk, to nurture many least and lost through her society - Songkids.


Krishan Grover
Founder of Grover

Krishan Grover


A leader and presenter

Adrian is a good thinker, persuasive presenter, team player and strong networker. He will make a strong contribution in marketing and sales, training and facilitating, or other appropriate leadership roles. I strongly recommend him.

Mr Vijayakumaran,

Head of Learning and Technology,

ST Electronics


Adrian possesses good interpersonal skills and works well with others. His versatility both as trainer and marketing person meant that he could work well at different capacities and levels.

Mr Stanley,

Marketing Manager,

Accelerated Cognitive Enhancement (A.C.E.)

Captivating sales enabler and presenter

I had the pleasure of spending time with Adrian on a few different occasions both at APAC Sales Managers training events & also as part of a TTT program Adrian led.


On all occasions I found Adrian to bring a level of energy & passion to the room that was truly infectious. Adrian brings a natural storytelling style to his training sessions which captivates the audience and leads to high levels of engagement from all attendees. It was a real pleasure attending all of Adrian's training sessions, he is a true expert in the field.

Mr Chris Stewart,

National Sales Manager,

Align Technology

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