Our Team

Able Lab is started by a team of educators who believe in training "Developmental Balance" and inculcating "Self-Learning". Any child who works towards achieving the above, becomes happier, more independent and confident.

Adrian Choo (Education Consultant)

Adrian Choo is the Director of Able Lab, spearheading both the research and training teams. He has been a trainer with extensive experience in conducting corporate training as well as parenting courses. He delivered training extensively in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, guiding and teaching corporate staff and parents.

Adrian previously held the position of Principal of Boys’ Town Alternative Schooling, managing the staff and youth-at-risks. After receiving extensive training from a former President of the Singapore Psychological Society, Adrian Choo held the Principal Trainer position in a brain-training centre directed by the President.

Over the years, Adrian had been invited as a guest speaker to conduct parenting talks in various schools, organisations and churches. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration; Specialist Diploma in Educational Psychology; Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA); and Certificate in Dyslexia Studies and Learning Disabilities.

Sharmaine Loh (Psychologist)

Ms. Sharmaine Loh carries a Bachelor in Psychology (Hon.) and has been working in the youth sector with a range of experiences in sexuality education, psychological assessment, special needs intervention and social research.

She has published two research papers on wellbeing of young Singaporeans. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Psychology.

R. July Tang (Business Consultant)

R. July Tang was a pioneer member of ThaiExpress Group of restaurants which grew to 5 brands, 100-outlets in a span of 4 years. In this fast growth entrepreneurial journey, he has to constantly uncover quick results in areas of performance modelling, emotional and relationship resilience. He invariably discovered his talent while helping his staff create results and changes by aligning their deepest 'Why' with the easiest 'How'.

He created non-linear coaching processes 'Duality Questioning' and 'Intuitive Integration' which are rare in the coaching industry.

His clients have experienced extraordinary, permanent results thru simple small interventions. Many have benefited: children to parents; students to PMETs; inmates to senior citizens.

His coaching principle: "Massive Success Thru Small Changes"Facebook.com/HappyDollarCoaching 

His certification: A.B.L.E., Diploma in Adult & Continuing Education(DACE), Leadership Coach (Leadership Management International) & Seminar Trainer (Peak Potentials Training). He's currently an asset investment manager with Infinity Treasures.

Anna (Coordinator)

Anna graduated from Monash University with a Business degree. She has been an HR professional for almost 8 years specializing specifically in regional full spectrum duties. After her stint as an HR Generalist, she went on to be a headhunter handling mid to senior positions. Her role as a headhunter spans from Asia Pacific business development to HR consultancy. Her expertise is in the industry of IT. Coupled with her HR Management experience, she has also been an Admin Manager for several years. Managing a team from different cultures is one of her forte.

Her compassion for children gave her an opportunity to volunteer for UNICEF in their Education and Exhibition Committee from 1992 - 1999 as well as MINDS and Jervois Special School in their after school program (1992 - 1994). After which, she went on to volunteer for a church group assisting in the development of intellectually challenged beneficiaries.

Ru Ping (Therapy Consultant – Process-and-Play-based Arts)

Ms. Ru Ping is an ex-MOE Arts teacher who firmly believes in the potential of Process-and-Play-based Arts experience. Her experience and training from Communication Design, art teaching and eventually moving on to creating her own art programs have taught her how Process-and-Play-based Arts experience can actually enhances a child’s sensitivity, which in turn, increase a child’s potential in their intelligence of their area of interest, as well as a more holistic educational experience.

In Process-and-Play-based Arts, there is no ending to learning and limitless potential in what a human can discover. It is the sharing of a learning habit that allows individuals to take ownership for lifelong learning, in all areas of life.

Learning should be enjoyable, thus, results in an intrinsic motivated learner. Learning should be safe, free from all judgments of today’s limitations, so the child can create a whole new world. Learning can be messy, since the child learns more when cleaning up. Learning is about putting the learner first.

Donavan (Senior Trainer)

Donavan graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Counselling from University, Singapore Institute of Management (UniSim). Formerly the Head of Volunteer Training & Development, and Senior Youth Advisor at Student Advisory Centre; a Non-Profit Organization (NCSS registered Charity) specializing in school-based social work, he has worked extensively with and mentored many troubled youth-at-risk locally.

Serving on the Program Director's Council with Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group and as a Trainer with Adam Khoo Learning Center, He has also been involved in both its local and regional youth training programs, including over 5000 hours of coaching students in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia. His specialties include:

  • Youth Motivation and Counselling

  • Self-Esteem

  • Winner's Attitude & Mindsets

  • Memory & Whole-Brain Studying Skills & Strategies

  • Examination Skills

  • Stress Management

  • Relationship Issues (Boy-Girl relationships or relationships with parents/siblings)


Donavan is also a D. I. S. C™ Certified Human Behavioral Consultant and has undergone training as a Neuro- Linguistics Programming™ (NLP) practitioner. He has also demonstrated the principles of excellence he teaches others, by attaining recognitions like the "Best Trainee Award"& "Commander's Commendation" during his National Service. Donavan is also A.B.L.E certified and is currently training and coaching students one-to-one.

Philips Laulia (Senior Trainer)

Philips Laulia graduated with Master of Engineering degree from NTU after publishing a paper in Biomedical Engineering. Obtaining a research degree has shown him the potential of new ideas when change is necessary; at the same time grounded him on foundational knowledge in physics and mathematics.

As a one-to-one coach in physics and mathematics, the passion for the subject drives him on to pass it to his students and fellow learners. With A.B.L.E certification, Philips believes the program provides the tools early in students' learning journey to build the concentration needed for a sharp mind and overcoming fear of challenging subjects, so that one day they can also taste the rewards of mastering a subject.

Charlene (Marketing Manager and Coach)

Cheerful Teacher Charlene is an advocate of positive lifelong learning through experiential learning journeys. Having scored Distinctions in English and Mathematics for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Examination, she becomes a professional Copywriter, English, Chinese and Math Coach.

With more than 15 years of working (learning) experience in problem solving, mental training and Sunday School Teacher's training, Charlene is now a Happy Dollar Coach for working professionals, a certified ABLE Coach, Marketing Manager for ABLE Lab and Subject Coach for primary school children.

Jas Yong (Coach)

Jas has over 15 years of experience in the education industry, both in schools and in private practice. Her forte includes teaching and training pupils aged 5 to 16 in the English subject as well as English-related skills such as Creative Writing, Comprehension and Oral Communication Skills.

Being a popular teacher in Choa Chu Kang area, Jessica is also the Principal of Excella Learning Hub, a learning centre for Primary and Secondary School children.

On top of her teaching role, Jasis the Chief Consultant in Excella Learning Hub who provides regular advice and consultation to parents and families. Jessica has three children aged 4, 6 and 15, giving her vast exposure and perspective to children of different ages.

Gammar Omar (Coach)

Gammar has been in education for over 15 years, having taught a multitude of students from all walks of life over the years. She graduated from NTU/NIE with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Diploma in Education having specialised in the English Language.

As an ex-MOE teacher, she has amassed vast knowledge over the years in education, but her journey in teaching continued even after leaving the teaching force. She has worked with a myriad of students, parents and other educators alike, accruing more nuggets of wisdom each year. Her warmth, sense of humour and maternal nature helps to make students comfortable and feel secure under her wings. From there, she aims to nurture their innate creativity and potential, guiding them like a beacon along the way to their ultimate destination.

Balqish Belle (Coach)

Belle holds a Bachelor of Communications in Public Relations (2014) by Murdoch University and has completed the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. She has also received the “Tutor’s Award” upon completing the Teachers Developmental Modules (TDC) awarded by British Council.

Belle has more than 8 years of tutoring, teaching and training experience both in government schools and private setting. She specialises in Presentation Skills and Speech & Drama. She is also a certified A.B.L.E Coach.

Anita Ingle (Coach)

Anita holds a Diploma in Enrichment Enterprise from College of Teachers, UK. She is also a certified A.B.L.E coach. Anita has vast experience in organizing and conducting training for corporate, private and the government sectors. During her two decades of coaching, she has designed coursewares and trained adults and youths in academic and social skills, team building and various proprietary creative and innovative enrichment programs. Some of the enrichment programs are incorporated into the MOE’s Learning Journey program.

Her accomplishments also include private training for teachers from local secondary schools and designing specific courseware for Singapore National Heritage Board.

She has been training toddlers from 3 to 6 year olds through a brain training program for over 10 years. She also tutors local and foreign adults and youths in Language Arts specializing in the English Language, Creative Writing, Phonics and Reading.

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