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Sales Enablement Online Course

About the instructor

Adrian Choo
Founder of Enable SalesForce 


Adrian Choo, founder of Enable SalesForce who has been a sales enablement coach for over 10 years, will be conducting the course.

He is equipped with a wealth of experience in Sales Enablement and has helped many companies like Abbott, Cognizant, Invisalign, SAP-Concur and Tik Tok improve their sales capabilities.

About the course


"A solution with little or non-quantifiable value is a fluffy marketing message."

Have you seen stagnant sales records in the past few weeks or months?

Are you thinking to yourself that the stagnant sales record could just be because of a bad sales season? Rethink again after going through the course. 

As a salesperson, “bad sales season” is a dangerous excuse to give when things are not doing well because that means you never know what is working and what is not.  Through this course, you will learn to overcome “bad sales season” by gaining exposure to active and conscious actions that you can take to repeat success.

Throughout the course, there are also assignments at the end of each video lecture that give you the opportunity to put the knowledge learnt into practice and to use it in your sales call or meetings. You will be able to develop strong strategic sales capability and be able to differentiate yourself and your company from your competitors.

What is included?

Competitive content

With the content taught in the course, you are a step closer to becoming a high performing sales consultant.

Full lifetime access

The course will be available for you to access on mobile and laptops whenever you need it. The access will be for lifetime.

Certificate of completion

You will receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course. 

Practical hands-on assignments 

Hands-on assignments will be available every lesson for you to practice the techniques learnt according to your situation.

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